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196158, Санкт-Петербург,
Пулковское шоссе, д. 30,
корп. 4, Лит. А, офис 203

Тел: +7 812 414 95 41


129085, г. Москва, проезд Ольминского, д. 3а, стр. 3, офис 706

Тел: +7 495 616 00 53



Progress OpenEdge: промышленные средства репликации данных в Oracle и MS-SQL

Progress OpenEdge Pro2 Replication

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Десять причин перехода на новые версии OpenEdge (Progress)

Webinars: Secrets of OpenEdge! Spring 2013

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2013 – The Year of OpenEdge Version 11

Progress Competence Center and Russian Progress User Group with the support of CSBI Group invite you to take part in spring series of online seminars (webinars), which will be held under the motto «Connecting technology, space and time» from 15th to 19th of April, 2013.

The purpose of these webinars is a demonstration of the power of Progress Software products, especially OpenEdge Version 11, and related technologies, modern trends and best practices in software development.

Webinar topics will reflect practical aspects of working with OpenEdge, reveal secrets of effective programming for the ABL (4GL), highlight the product-specific configuration details, and use of technical tricks.

We strive to ensure that you learn as much as possible about the features of the OpenEdge and successfully apply acquired knowledge in your work. That is why we would like to invite the best of the best experts in the world of Progress from all corners of the planet as our speakers.

Participation in webinars for members of the Russian Progress User Group, as well as PUG members from other countries is free of charge!

You don’t even need to know English. Progress Competence Center of CSBI Group provides services to translation into Russian for each webinar, conducted by English speakers. For Russian speakers we provide translation into English.

The format of Internet workshops implies the 1-2 daily webinars within 5 working days. The start time of the webinars is approximately 16:00-18:00 Moscow time and depends on the speaker’s time-zone. A detailed schedule of webinars will be posted later.

We will be glad to see all of you, regardless of your location and language of communication! To participate, you should click on the link, fill out and send us the registration form.

We also announce the search for speakers. If within these Web seminars you want to present your webinar, read the conditions of participation as a speaker here. We expect interesting topics and useful presentations from you!

Registration is closed!



Yours faithfully,
Organizing Committee
Progress Competence Center
Russian Progress User Group

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